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Eppley Airfield

KOMA in Omaha, Nebraska is a medium sized airport that handles national flights. Eppley Airfield has an interesting history in that it was used as the setting for two movies. In the early 1960s it was built into a jetport by the hotel magnate Eugene C. Eppley.

KOMA parking is not difficult to negotiate in Omaha as it would be in a large city. There are positive factors to be considered in smaller airports.

Private jet KOMA is available to provide five star flight services to travelers who have a busy schedule and cannot wait for a flight to arrive that might only come once a day. Busy ceos need to be able to fly during unscheduled commercial carrier flights.

Jet charter Omaha has several programs to offer you. One way flights, discounted empty legs and point to point pricing are all available. Since we have access to over five thousand aircraft we are able to schedule a small jet within a four hour time frame. The sizes of jets start from the light jets to the heavy jets. This also includes helicopters.

The aircraft will always have two pilots onboard with have been carefully screened for their experience and qualifications. They must also be able to fly overseas. Omaha private jets also prides itself on their highly trained cabin personnel who will set up a personal profile for each client to keep a record on their needs and wants.

Some clients have special medical requirements while others may have dietary guidelines that they must follow. If a client has a preferred cuisine then we try to provide these services also. Private jet charter Omaha strives to provide five star service to each of our valued travelers.

If the client wishes to have a business reception onboard at Eppley Airfield prior to departure this can easily be arranged. If he wishes to have the reception on arrival at his destination this too can be easily arranged. Omaha private jets has a five star concierge service. All arrangements are pre-planned. If our client wishes to use the interior of the aircraft as a venue for promoting his brand and logo he can certainly do this.

Private jet KOMA can help in the selection of items to be chosen such as napkins, match books, pens and more. Depending on the size of the group the venue can consist of a simple cocktail reception to a buffet meal. The jet is at a private terminal so there are fewer restrictions for individualized events.

Private jet charter Omaha is not restricted to business purposes. Many families like the convenience of private travel. They can control their schedule and do not have to go through the unnerving experience of security checks and noisy travelers.

If traveling with young children the concierge will try to ascertain what special tips the client advises to make the journey fun and pleasant for the children too. Omaha private jets children's needs. They will have fun traveling in their own private playroom.

Upon the return flight your vehicle will be picked up from KOMA parking and brought to your terminal. Debarking will be just as flawless as embarking. With speed and efficiency Omaha private jets maintains a five star standard of service.

It is easy to go online and learn more about the membership program. A representative from private jet KOMA is available to answer all your questions and welcome you to the world of private flying services. You will be joining an elite group of travelers who have discovered that traveling by air does not have to be stressful.