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El Paso International Airport

El Paso International Airport is located in El Paso, Texas. It is a busy airport and is plagued with long lines connected with security checks and check ins like most airports are today. Arriving at KELP, you will place your vehicle in KELP parking. Progressing to the main hub of the airport you will get the full picture of the activity and noise level of the airport.

Recently social media groups have started to create what they call tribe travel groups. Group members who share similar interests and want to attend the same activity in the same destination collectively hire a private jet.

Private jet KELP suggests that the best prices are with the empty leg one way part of a route. Often jets must travel to a destination to pick up the client. This empty leg is for sale and any off shoot routes from this main leg are also for sale. These prices are heavily discounted and if a group can find a route that is suitable for them then it would make sense to consider a private charter.

The destination is in your control. Jet charter El Paso offers five star service. The price of the seat may be as much as an economy class flight or business class flight. Having the opportunity to meet your social media friends and in a five star setting sounds too good to be true.

Many people are taking advantage of this opportunity. Too many complaints have been filed about the poor service the commercial airliners are providing. Private jet charter El Paso focuses on service and safety. Each jet comes with two pilots who have passed the most stringent of audits so that they are permitted to fly in different countries where the Air Authority has their individual requirements. Our cabin personnel is also trained and qualified to provide five star service to the most discerning traveler.

El Paso private jets will prepare a personal profile so that the next time you fly we will have all the information on file about your needs and wants. If there are any allergies or special dietary needs we will want to make sure that we can help you out with this.

If you require any concierge services jet charter El Paso can make sure you have a rental car waiting for you upon your arrival. They can set up your hotel reservations and whatever else you may need to make your stay at your destination a great one.

Traveling with children can be stressful if flights are delayed or cancelled. The waiting period at airports seems to be stressful and never ending anyway. Imagine the time that was spent waiting in the airport was spent instead in a luxury jet en route to your destination. Private jet KELP will help your children's experience to be a positive one.

Jet charter El Paso chooses from a fleet of over two thousand jets that are light, medium and heavy jet. They also have helicopters to choose from. Our one on one advisor can help you decide which jet suits your needs. You will find them all comfortable and a joy to travel in. Once you have experienced five star luxury in a high speed private jet taking you to your destination you will never want to fly commercial again.

Private jet charter El Paso also has a membership program that you can learn more about online. There is a 24/7 representative available who can help answer your questions. We encourage you to learn more about chartering a private jet. It is not just for rock stars and VIPs anymore.