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Why you should drive yourself to Okoyo Airport

The Okoyo Okoyo Airport is a public airport that receives scheduled kind of passenger flights and has well over ten thousand passenger boardings on a yearly basis. The airport serves Okoyo. An hourly parking rate of $ 1.00 per hour is charged. The daily parking fee selection to pay $ 12.00 for 24 hours is available for those going beyond four hours of parking in a given day. The daily parking specials can be found on level 2, 4 and 7 with some few spaces made available on level 3. Those parking for more than a day can pay the airport remote parking fee of $ 10.00 per day. . Transportation systems such as car rentals, taxis and limousine services can be found at this airport.

Traffic on the way to Cuvette OKG can be awful, especially at rush hour. Lots of times travelers with morning departures must leave home in the wee hours to be sure of arriving on time for their flight, and modern airport security only expounds the problem. One solution to this problem is a Stay, Park and Fly package combining long term parking and overnight lodging. The traveler arrives the night before the flight, stays in a motel near the airport overnight and arrives refreshed for the flight the next morning with no worries about getting caught in traffic. The best part about these packages is that with the package discount the cost of the hotel stay and secure parking is about the same as that of long term parking alone.

Why you should drive yourself to Okoyo Airport

If you are flying into Okoyo OKG, you have many different selections for parking. One such option would be long term parking. Long term parking refers to leaving you vehicle in a garage for an extended period of time. Usually, people would seek out long term parking when they are flying away for two weeks of more. Since Okoyo OKG is often an intermediary stop to final destinations such as Honolulu, Tokyo, Anchorage, and the like. Long term prices can often be acquired in the range of $15 a day with no hidden fees. Best of all, your car will be parked in an area where it will be kept safe and secure and under the watchful eye of security. This means you need not worry about any calamities befalling it.

If your travel includes flying out of Cuvette OKG, you will need airport parking if you are driving yourself to the airport. Bargain airport parking is a thing of the past. Your airport parking can cost as much as your plane ticket. You can save dollars on your airport parking if you do some advanced search for airport parking discounts. Your first place to ask is with the agent that sold you your plane ticket. The second place to ask is with the airline that you will be flying out of. You might find discounts in travel catalogues and even in your local newspaper. Plan how you will pay for your airport parking before you park your car. Don't leave home before you make plans that include parking at the airport and paying for it. Your airport parking can be inside the airport in the airport garage or outside the airport at a parking facility.

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Makoua AirportMakouaMKJ
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Okoyo AirportOkoyoOKG
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