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Chicago O'Hare International Airport

Chicago O'Hare International Airport is located in Chicago, Illinois. KORD is a very busy airline. As soon as you have parked your vehicle at KORD parking you will notice that you are entering a hub of excitement. You are entering the third busiest airport in the world. For people who enjoy the airport culture and do not mind long waiting times in line, security checks and delayed or canceled flights, private jet charter may not be for them.

Frequent fliers who are company ceos for instance cannot waste valuable time waiting for another flight to arrive. Chicago in particular during inclement weather will have flight delays.

Private jet KORD offers a five star alternative to traveling commercial flights. Imagine entering a quiet noiseless terminal where a friendly smiling attendant already has you processed. You have not had to go through the security checks where it seems like you are half undressing in the public eye.

Jet charter Chicago will have all the preparations that you requested ready for you. You will enter your jet without standing in line. Depending on the size of the aircraft you will have more or fewer cabins. What matters is that you will have safety and comfort. You will not have any stressful airport white noise. There will not be the sound of screaming babies coming from coach class that disturb travelers in business class.

Your two pilots will have passed the highest of background checks. Your cabin crew will be trained to serve the most discerning five star traveler. Private jet charter Chicago will have your favorite beverage or snack waiting for you. If it is champagne, then it will be the best.

You will be seated in sumptuous leather recliners that allow you to have a million dollar view from the portholes. You will be given privacy if you want to work alone on your laptop.

Beginning early in 2011 social media groups are creating travel tribes. Members of the same tribe purchase private jet charter flights collectively. No longer are these flights reserved just for rock stars and VIPs.

Chicago private jets would also like to point out that empty leg routes are available for discounted purchase. Often the jet must be flown to another destination. The leg along the way is available for purchase. Any offshoots from this leg are also available. Travelers have made such savings where they have paid only for the seat. The price amounts to the cost of an economy flight on a regular commercial flight or a business class rate.

For the frequent flyer who requires a larger jet and longer term commitments there is a membership program. Once you have joined jet charter Chicago assigns you a one on one advisor who will set up a personal profile where you can list all your needs and wants. This will include concierge services and any other five star treatment that we can offer you.

Many families use private jets to fly their families stress free to such popular destinations as Disney World. The time they save can be spent at their destination. Private jet KORD will arrange to have rental car services done so that your vehicle will be waiting for you on your arrival.

Jet charter Chicago understands the importance of national security. They are offering an alternative to those travelers who are prepared to pay a bit more so that they can have another choice in their travel experience. The security checks are still in place but they are done in a less public conveyer belt manner. Private jets are also safer because their maintenance program is more stringent.