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Chicago Midway International Airport

Chicago Midway International is the gateway for into or out from Chicago. The architectural design is very efficient in operating and processing more than 10000 travellers daily with more than 400 flights daily. Within very less space (in comparison to other international airports) a lot of facilities are provided so that shortage of space is not felt at all. Only each corner of the airport is used scientifically and hence monitoring traveller traffic doesn't get out of control eve if consecutive flight delays happen during bad weather conditions. Irrespective of usage of each corner, the airport appears quite spacious.

Coming to the description of the Chicago Midway International, it has been divided into two concourses i.e. A and B. All the airlines are distributed among these two concourses. There is a new Midway terminal situated at the north end. This area is known as upper level ticketing area. So purchasing ticket becomes easy there is a specific location where only ticketing is done. The code for the Chicago airport is KMDW. Advanced ticketing has its own specific counter and done by different windows opened by different airlines services. The security system always keeps itself tight as KMDW, Chicago attracts interest to international affairs.

The whole area is Wi-Fi enabled. Throughout the airport including some external parts also, wireless network lets the traveller to keep in contact with his/ her online affairs and in case any flight delay is there then the travellers have a way out to manage their works hose could be handled online. The baggage claim is at the north end of the lower level. At places, all around the airport, e-ticket check in kiosks are established for the travellers easy ticket allocation status.

KMDW parking is one of the best parking systems in the continent. To manage such a huge load of vehicular traffic, electronic system is employed. Mostly hourly parking is preferred by the visitors, as they usually come to receive their guests or relatives and it doesn't take much time. With very nominal KMDW parking, people never face a problems like getting jammed to get out of the arena, crashing of the vehicles etc. only level 3 is for hourly parking. Daily parking is available in level 1, 4, 5, & 6. Direct access to the terminal building is available from the parking is on level 1.

The interesting facility is that a cell phone lot motorist waits for the passengers to arrive and call. Economy class lots are also there in the 55th street, just a 2 min walk away. There is a remote parking lot in the 72nd street too. All these regular and economy parking lots have a regular shuttle services too. Almost all the parking and shops at the airport accept various payment modes like cash, American Express, Visa, MasterCard etc. Extra services such as battery jumping starting of the low battery level vehicles, escorting to the vehicles, inflation or tyre change in case, car washing, key retrieval, directional helps for new comers, lost car assistance in filing a report to the police are also given to the travellers. So that when people walk away from Chicago, they would not be bothering about their belongings left here.

Private jet KMDW has got its allowance for private flights since about 10 years. The domestic and the private airlines have their own separate boarding points. From a wide range of Chicago private jets you can choose the ultimate one for you according to your budget and requirement. All the Chicago private jets are decorated with finest interior designers and almost all the facilities those can be made available on the board. Each taste and touch of the luxurious private jet charter Chicago can be found and felt in the Chicago Midway International. Jet charter Chicago draws almost 40% of the revenue of the total annual collection.