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Bob Hope Airport

Bob Hope Airport is an iconic facility where the well known entertainer's personality and spirit are to be seen and felt throughout. This is a centrally located airport in Burbank, California that has been in existence since 1930.

From the minute you leave your vehicle at KBUR parking you will feel as if you stepped back in time. The Spanish revival architecture is still used as a backdrop for movie producers and with its two short runways, it has proven to be a challenge to land at even for experienced pilots.

The airport is used mainly for western US destinations but it also offers destinations in Texas and NY. Burbank private jets can easily pick up or drop off clients at the charming Bob Hope airport. Why not consider bringing your foreign business colleague to this iconic structure from the past that has visually enhanced many a film. Customizing your colleague's visit to the US will prove to be a positive move.

Los Angeles and the area immediately around it has a rich movie making tradition that goes back almost one hundred years. Having private jet charter Burbank fly in your special guests to a special landmark affixed with a special name will serve as a poignant introduction to the American culture of entertainment.

Because of its central location and small size travelers can be in and out of the airport very quickly. It is the only airport that has a direct rail connection to downtown LA and it is easily accessible by car.

On demand private jet KBUR charter service can fly empty leg and dead head charter flights. This means that one way flights are available for purchase at great discount prices. When jet charter Burbank needs to reposition its geographic location it will fly to the location where the charter guest wishes to board. The trips there is considered an empty leg flight.

KBUR parking will not be crowded so if KBUR Burbank is the destination exiting the airport and area around the airport will be quick and efficient. The town of Burbank is also very interesting to explore so a meal stop could be organized by the concierge before driving out of the area. Burbank has some great established and emerging talent.

Burbank is pegged The Media Capital of the World the big name media companies have had their headquarters in Burbank. It still has a small town feel even though it is only ten minutes away from Hollywood. It has an upscale shopping district with many wonderful restaurants. Let private jet KBUR concierge services organize a special agenda to introduce visitors to historic Burbank.

Burbank private jets can also accommodate visitors who are bringing their families into the area for some relaxing time together. Many of our clients have found that visiting this historic small town has given them a better sense of the culture of entertainment in the US. Flying in on a commercial airliner would not have made their visit special. Customized attention to detail by private jet charter Burbank has opened up new places to explore that are not far away at all. Without getting overwhelmed by the size and stimulus of LA, Burbank offers an interesting alternative solution.

It is easy enough to go online and visit some of the sites pertaining to Burbank. This town also makes a nice stopover for destinations further away.

Everything about the area exudes charm, history and a positive attitude. As one of their first introductions to US culture consider stopping over in Burbank to give them a firsthand introduction. Private jet charter Burbank will show the way.