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Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport

Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport

Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport in Birmingham, Alabama is like many airports built half a century ago and needing major renovations to better handle the increased airline traffic of the twenty-first century. KBHM is another busy US airport that experiences delayed flights and sometimes cancellations. When newer carriers came in with cheaper flights more people started traveling. Increased security controls made the process of getting to one's terminal a lot more frustrating. Air travel stopped being fun and became more like a marathon.

Complaints started coming in. Recently about 50% of the travelers in surveys have stated that they are not satisfied with their experience on their airlines.

Private jet Birmingham offers a very different airline experience. Their fleet of over two thousand aircraft are designed for five star service. Our travelers can choose from light, medium to heavy jet aircraft that has been stringently audited by the highest bodies in aviation.

Birmingham private jets consist of a variety of styles but the popular ones incorporate varnished exotic woods with an airy Minimalist look and feel. Reclining chairs are made of premier soft leather that can be joined for added length.

KPHM parking is where you will not only leave your vehicle but also your memories of the old-fashioned way of traveling by air. Welcome to the new stress free option that more and more people are finding best suits their priorities.

If your priorities are to have a pleasant stress free flight and to have safety, punctuality and five star service a given, then learn more about what private jet charter Birmingham can do for you. We have an empty leg on a one way trip when the jet must go to a destination to pick up the client. The leg and its offshoots are available for purchase and at great discount rates. If you are traveling in a group prices come down to the level of an economy or business class ticket on a commercial carrier.

Social media has got wind of this opportunity and has been creating travel tribes where different tribes travel together to meet each other, some for the first time, and to attend an event together. Private jet KBHM realizes that this is a powerful way for a community of likeminded people to come together and have a great time while enjoying reasonable prices.

Private jet travel is not just for the rich and famous anymore. Private jet KBHM is suitable for anyone who is a frequent flyer, or part of a large group, or a family who wants some quiet time to themselves without the stress of the airport infringing on their time together.

Each client is assigned a one on one advisor by private jet charter Birmingham. A personal profile is built where all the wants and needs of the client are listed so that as the person advisor becomes more familiar with the client they will know what kinds of recommendations to make also.

Jet charter Birmingham can offer a tailor made meal and tries to accommodate all of the dietary requests. If there is a birthday party to be celebrated for instance, then Birmingham private jets will make sure that the party food, beverages and anything else will be exactly as the client has ordered it. If the client wants it filmed then the concierge will do their duty of finding an appropriate film maker.

Private jet charter Birmingham will make sure that the return trip is equally as enjoyable. The same punctuality will be observed and attention to detail respected. We encourage people to go online and speak to a representative who is available 24/7.