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Friedrichshafen Airport Details

Location: , Baden-Württemberg

Type: Medium Airport

Scheduled Service: Yes



Elevation: 1367 Feet

Latitude: 47.6713

Longitude: 9.5115

Runways at Friedrichshafen Airport

Friedrichshafen Airport has 1 runway.

1 7729 Feet148 FeetASPYes

Radio Frequencies

Friedrichshafen Airport utilizes the following radio frequencies.

2 ATISATIS129.600
3 INFOINFO122.500
5 TWRTWR120.075

When flying out of Baden-Württemberg park your car cheaply

When flying out of Baden-Württemberg park your car cheaply

When you are at the Baden-Württemberg Friedrichshafen Airport and are looking for a place to park, you will get that you should have found a special deal on Baden-Württemberg Friedrichshafen Airport parking. There are many discounts on parking and other things associated with theBaden-Württemberg Friedrichshafen Airport and they can be yours if you know how to get them. The best thing to do is to start looking for your discounts before you travel. Many of the discounts on things like airport parking or rental cars can be found when you book your Baden-Württemberg Friedrichshafen Airport trip. You just have to remember to keep looking for the discount package. There are many discounts available for Baden-Württemberg Friedrichshafen Airport and you can find them as long as you look for them.

There are a lot of things you can do to save yourself cash when parking at the Baden-Württemberg FDH. Check for businesses nearby that are dedicated to airport parking. These are private agencies with no affiliation with the airport and will often shuttle you there. You will need to alot yourself extra time, but you will save a lot of money. Also check if any auto clubs or associations you are a member of offer specials you may have overlooked. Depending on how far you are from FDH it might also be worth your while to just hire a chauffeur or limo to get you there and back. These limo and taxi companies often have set prices for airport trips. Special pricing are often available during holidays like Spring Break.

Airport parking may seem like a problem, especially when your planning your trip. Make sure to find the easiest and most affordable airport parking by comparing and looking for special prices and discounts. If you're looking for deals in Baden-Württemberg FDH then you might want to see if they have any promotions going on (i.e. buy a package with your trip and save on airport parking) to simplify and lower costs. Make sure you also plan in advance! Last minute trips might cost you, and the last thing you want is to be worrying about money when you planned the trip to get away from all the stress in the first place! Another nice thing to take in consideration is review sites! They are there to help you. Don't forget to help others, too!

Parking at Baden-Württemberg FDH is often frustratingly difficult. It is often crowded and congested, especially during peak traveling periods. This is why it is important to plan ahead. The first step is to make sure you are familiar with the airport. Check online to find a map and look for any information that pertains to parking. The best place to look is at a major airline's website or at Baden-Württemberg FDH's website. Check for the different levels of parking. $Place FDH has different lots depending on length of stay and how much service and security you expect. You can check online for prices so that you can plan accordingly. Airlines and car rental agencies also give discounts to members. You can check for this online.

If you drive an alternative or hybrid auto, Baden-Württemberg FDH wants to reward you. They take the hassle out of airport parking by reserving ideal parking spots for eco-friendly travelers. They also offer guaranteed parking for frequent fliers and electronic billboards to alert fliers about current availability. Baden-Württemberg FDH uses color-coded parking facilities that make sure parking closest to your terminal. Costs, based on the length of stay, also offer economical flat rates for overnight parking. If you are traveling through Baden-Württemberg FDH, take advantage of their 24-hour hotline. Available to all travelers, call their toll-free number to find current parking availability. Because the most inexpensive parking is usually furthest away from Baden-Württemberg FDH, they offer free shuttle services to and from the airport.