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Fascene Airport Details

Location: , Antsiranana

Type: Medium Airport

Scheduled Service: Yes



Elevation: 36 Feet

Latitude: -13.3121

Longitude: 48.3148

Runways at Fascene Airport

Fascene Airport has 1 runway.

1 7185 Feet148 FeetASPYes

Radio Frequencies

Fascene Airport utilizes the following radio frequencies.

1 A/GA/G VOICE RDO548.400
2 TWRTWR118.700

How to find parking discounts at Fascene Airport

How to find parking discounts at Fascene Airport

Many people wonder how much they should have to pay to stay in a hotel room. Some hotels will be more expensive than others depending on the city you chose to visit, and how close you are to a specific attraction. For example, a hotel in Antsiranana might well be more expensive than a hotel in another city. A hotel close to Fascene Airport may be much, much more expensive than another hotel. So how do you stay safe without spending a lot? First, find a hotel in a good neighborhood. If you're unsure about the neighborhood's location, look up recent crime reports for the neighborhood on a popular search engine site. Make sure to use basic safety precautions when checking in and out of a hotel. If you are traveling alone, don't announce it, and tell someone else where you're going and when they can expect you back. Always carry a cellular device with you when traveling alone.

When you are in Antsiranana and are looking for airport parking at Fascene Airport, try the deals that are offered for frequent travelers. This city has one of the best airports in the country and a lot business travelers will go by this route because of the fantastic service they receive. The deals given to frequent flyers or a new customer stands out and in addition, you will receive a discount each time you travel with this airline. The parking is great and every auto is just a short distance from the boarding area. Or you can take the shuttle to arrive even quicker. This airline is rated one in the top five in the country for outstanding prices and service

When you are at the Antsiranana Fascene Airport and are looking for a place to park, you will see that you should have found a special deal on Antsiranana Fascene Airport parking. There are many specials on parking and other things associated with theAntsiranana Fascene Airport and they can be yours if you know how to get them. The best thing to do is to start looking for your discounts before you travel. Many of the discounts on things like airport parking or rental cars can be found when you book your Antsiranana Fascene Airport trip. You just have to remember to keep looking for the discount package. There are many discounts available for Antsiranana Fascene Airport and you can find them as long as you look for them.

When you plan on taking a long trip, you know that driving may not be the best solution for your trip. That is when you should realize that these longer trips may begin at the airport. Since they could start here, you will want to know about the parking at the Antsiranana NOS. Usually, you will find the lots that are available for you to leave your car in are protected, but you will also want to make sure that these areas have a security force. With the security force patrolling the grounds, you can see that your vehicle will be in pristine condition when you come back to it, because the force on top of regular fencing, managed to keep any potential thieves and vandals away from your car.