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Ever since security measures tightened up for travelers the stress factor has increased. Today, before travelers go anywhere, they must check online to see what the latest security regulations are. It seems that what was allowed in the flight cabin one month earlier is no longer permitted the next month.

Jet charter Albany proposes considering a different approach to flying where they will take care of all the homework when it comes to security measures. Choosing to fly on a chartered luxury jet is not for everyone. But for those who are ceos of large or small sized companies, and who are quite frankly tired of dealing with the commotion of flying even though they have bought first class tickets, there is an alternative to flying on commercial jets.

Imagine driving to KALB parking and having your baggage picked up so you do not have to pull or push it into the Albany International terminal. Imagine too that you do not even have to go into the noisy main terminals but rather you are escorted to a private terminal by a representative from jet charter Albany. When it comes time to go through document and x-ray control it happens quickly and without having to remove shoes, belts, and accessories in front of the public.

The tone for the start of the journey has already been set. The personnel of private jet charter Albany has been hand-picked and highly trained to cater to the needs of their clients. Instead of the typical airline food you can order whatever you like. Your choices are not restricted to the airline menu. You are not one among many with private jet KALB. You are their special client and the entire trip revolves around you.

In many ways this is how traveling on commercial aircraft used to be over fifty years' ago. At that time most people did not fly. Only the wealthy or the ceos of companies could afford this luxury.

KALB has many charter jets and helicopters flying in and out on a daily basis. The charter jet is not just for rock stars or other celebrities anymore. Too many travelers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the poor service they are receiving on commercial airlines. Delayed and cancelled flights are happening too often. The discerning first class client will not tolerate this much more. Surveys show that half the passengers who fly on commercial flights are not satisfied with their experience.

Private jet KALB is part of a national trend where a growing number of charter flights are becoming available to those clients who are willing to make the financial commitment to safer and more efficient service.

There are even charter franchises that are receiving calls weekly informing them of geographic locations where their services are needed.

Albany private jets will make sure their clients are treated like royalty. No detail will be ignored. It is with great pride that they are able to provide the high caliber service that they do.

There is no more lining up on the runway at Albany International to wait for the big jets to take off. The small charter jet takes off independent of the commercial liners. Private jet charter Albany will make certain that every minute onboard will be exactly what the client asks for.

The craft is checked regularly and operates at higher standards than the commercial airliner. The traveler can be rest assured there will be no terrorist threat on their flight.

On returning to KALB the client will have a difficult returning to regular commercial jet travel after their real first class service from Albany private jets.